MMC conducts the following courses:-

(a) 16-hour 2-day course which introduces  the basic aspects of mediation and the mediation process;

(b) 40- hour, 5-day intensive training courses focusing on fundamental and practical techniques to successfully resolve disputes where trainees will, over the course of the 40-hour, five-day intensive training: 

  • learn and understand the mediation process
  • acquire the soft skills used to help parties with divergent interests to reach a resolution;
  • engage in simulated mediations by way of role plays to develop an understanding of the mediation process and how best to utilise the skills learnt;
  • work with and benefit from coaches with professional conflict mediation experience;
  • set performance-based standards for evaluating their own progress;
  • learn about ethics and the law pertaining to mediation; and
  • develop self-understanding and confidence,

    after which, trainees will undergo a practical assessment to determine their suitability as Mediators.

  • (c) 1 or 2 day Mediation Advocacy Course for those who wish to know more about the benefits of mediation; and

    (d) Refresher courses for Mediators.