Should both parties agree to refer their dispute to the Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC), they are kindly requested to comply with the following:-

(i)               remittance of RM100.00 (non-refundable) payable to “Malaysian Bar Mediation Centre” (Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Account No: 00200760731) as part of the administrative fee charged by MMC.  The said payment shall be taken into account if parties agree to proceed with the mediation.  The administrative charges is RM300.00 per mediation session and the said RM100.00 shall be taken into account if parties agree to proceed with the mediation and hence, only a balance of RM200.00 is payable.  These administrative charges are to be borne equally by both parties.

(ii)             completion of the necessary Mediation Request Form¹ and forward a copy of the same to the MMC giving particulars of the disputants and a brief summary of the case, to be forwarded to the MMC  or email ( with the abovementioned remittance.

The mediator’s fees will be determined by the appointed mediator.

If the parties have agreed on appointing a specific Mediator, inform the MMC. If not, you may ask the MMC to appoint a Mediator. This appointment will be subject to the approval of the parties.

Please note that the cost for the rental of the venue would have to be borne equally by the parties concerned.  This cost would depend on the actual venue.

In the event parties wish to utilize the meeting rooms at the Bar Council Secretariat, the following charges shall apply:-

Full Day              :    RM350.00

Half a Day/        :    RM175.00

Part thereof