The Malaysian International Mediation Centre (MIMC), formerly known as the Malaysian Mediation Centre (MMC), is a body established on 5th November 1999 under the auspices of the Bar Council of Malaysia. MIMC’s objectives include promoting Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution process and to provide a proper avenue for successful dispute resolutions.

The Mediation Committee of the Bar Council is responsible for the proper functioning and implementation of MIMC’s objectives and services.

MIMC offers a comprehensive range of services, which include:

  1. Professional Mediation services by trained Mediators who have been accredited and appointed to the MIMC’s Panel of Mediators;
  2. Public talks on Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution;
  3. Assistance and advice on how clients may best look after their interests in using Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution process;
  4. Training in Mediation techniques, procedures and skills;
  5. Assessment and accreditation on MIMC’s Panel of Mediators;
  6. Consultancy services in dispute management and conflict avoidance;
  7. Administrative and secretarial support; and
  8. Provide a venue for Mediation sessions.

MIMC has entered into a collaboration with Mediation Centres in China and other countries to promote Mediation, including online Mediation.

MIMC is a member of the Asian Mediation Association.

Kindly contact our centre if you would like to refer disputes for Mediation.